RHB Bank: Much More Than Credit Cards & Loans

RHB Bank’s Credit Card Online & Other Great Banking Services

As one speaks of RHB Bank, we do know that they are now among the list of 5 top banks in Malaysia. Knowing the potential of foreign markets with SEA, they have expanded their horizon and entered Hong Kong, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, and many other countries. Feeling the importance to provide additional value, RHB Bank initiated a policy to present many varieties of financial services such as commercial vehicle insurance to companies and individuals.

Essentially the most staple type of services a financial institution offers always has been the cash deposit account and self-banking solutions. RHB Rank attracts the general public to set-up savings together with the current account by providing higher than average interest rates to be enjoyed by customers. For maximum ease to withdraw and deposit money into the account, account holders may easily locate and use the nearby ATM & CDM machines deployed in branches and also other locations easily.

RHB Bank is aware that more people make purchases online in comparison with using cash nowadays. Based on the data collected, it is discovered that more web users would prefer to purchase by using credit cards. Accordingly, the Bank makes it a top priority to serve potential customers better by offering credit card services with exceptional rewards. Smart customers who compare credit cards carefully know that RHB’s interest rate is one of the lowest.


This is when unique offering comes into the picture, as a range of advantages are made available to RHB Bank credit card subscribers, which includes cashback reward as well as other value-added rewards that provide higher returns given that the cardholder uses the card more.

RHB Bank is familiar with the simple fact that possessing a savings account and credit card is insufficient to meet one’s own financial needs. It happens to be obvious that commonly, people need to apply for personal loans with the bank to purchase high-valued assets, like properties and vehicles. Because of this, RHB has offered a low-interest rate for many varieties of loans. Customers who want to go the extra mile are also able to subscribe to insurance and buy unit trusts from RHB.

For companies and entrepreneurs, corporate banking facilities are also offered. They may take a business loan or even engage with RHB for corporate & investment banking. Aiming to be sure that their products and services are the best, RHB besides has offered online cash management and asset management services.

There exists one special category of customers which could reap out the most advantages of this: the SMEs. The products made available by RHB Bank is going to make it possible for these business owners to get more capital to better develop their business by making an application for the loan. Meanwhile, SMEs in the e-commerce industry also can subscribe to RHB’s dependable retail solutions.

However, RHB Bank still keeps its interest in the highly-demanded Islamic banking facilities. This kind of product is especially demanded in countries like Malaysia. So, they’ve offered Islamic corporate banking, Islamic treasury, unit trust, and wealth management that is provided upon demand by either individuals or organizations.

A tremendous 24 annual brand value growth has already been seen by the Bank in 2016, which places them as among the top five domestic banking players. Seeing the forthcoming market growth potential, RHB Bank has equipped themselves with a more rigorous and effective tactics such as commercial vehicle insurance to further grow its value and share of the market in the long run.